Will Mueller Do The Deed?03.23.2018

Well there is only one real question, will Mueller convict, and will we have Mike Pence, an ardent anti-gay rights crusader until the next election. I believe if Trump is removed rather by conviction or resigning from office like Nixon either way we will have to stick it out with Pence. Although that might be a good thing because I do believe he would bring our country back to having some stability, in the markets and in life. Pence won't drive the country crazy every three days with a tweet. Best of luck to our country.

Republican Disaster Canidates13.4.2016

The fear is still looming but it is starting to appear Donald Trump is losing supporters. Although Ted Cruz and John Kasich are not worse, but still a threat to Americans becoming unified and not seperated by hate and, fear. The "wall" not only would cost us upward of $26 Billion dollars, but on top of that we also have a diplomatic agreement wit Mexico stating that neither country would build permanent borders between our two nations.

Cruz wants law enforcement to patrol "Muslim Neighborhoods". Which we do not have predomenant neighborhoods of only Musilims, as he went on to admit in an interview that he doesn't even know the number of Muslims we have in the country. Leaving this racist policy in the "Ted Cruz Wishes He Didn't Say That Pile", because that policy could cost up to trillions of dollars to enforce. I am sure if Muslims felt targeted simply for their beliefs in the USA, they have every right to defend themselves from bigotry.

Then we have John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio, and ultra conservative beliefs. Like reducing funding for women's healthcare, and providing unrealistic standards to allow a woman if she so chose to do so have an abortion. He is also a healthy supporter of anything that discriminates against gays, and transgender, hell the whole LGBT community. The crazy thing is, he is soppose to be the Moderate Republican Candidate.


I hope that there are enough sane people in this nation of ours to know electing Donald Trump to President of the United States of America, the highest elected office in our great land. I figured with his demeanor he would end up ruining his own campaign but the more of a bigot and talking about if he is Pres., he would enforce Un-American policies. I only hope the US I know who elected Pres. Obama could never elect Trump.

Money & Politics24.10.2015

Our politicians are no longer the men who write their own speeches that come from the heart. Over the last eight decades politicians have become a brand. What are they advertising, the rich, by way of "Super PAC's", forcing the politician if elected to let private business in the 'door'. PAC money is geared to make the population like someone who we don't know and during elections they prefer to state how they will fix America, while being vague on details of said plan. Bernie Sanders I am proud to say is the only canidate moving forward without a PAC, I applaud his stance.

Presidential Races30th, January, 2015

In recent Presidential and Congressional electorial races, so much money has been spent that by the time it is over the money spent dwarfs third world nations entire GDP. Then we want the United States of America to be a world leader, but most of our diplomats that are appointed do not even speak the language of the people to whom they are suppose to convene with on their two nations relationship. Some politicians have been elected simply on popularity of either their campaign or their personal celebrity, and not on their ability to govern. Americans should instead of robotically voting for their registered party, we should look at look at these "politicians" record. If we did that, then we may find that we are no-longer enthusiastic about the canidate we previously had no doubts about voting for. If we as a nation took this approach, we could in fact live up to the title of, "The Greatest County On Earth".


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