Worldy Love

Burt Bacharach said it best, and the words remain relevant in this new era of strife. What the world needs now is love, sweet love, it's the only thing theres to little of. The climate of hate, irrational thoughts, and behavior. Although these acts of violence isn't anything new, that is why we as Americans, all citizens of this planet we share, we must be strong. We can't afford to be rash, and throw caution in the wind. People have always existed that want to hurt and kill. Looking at the events before 9/11, the feeling was that we would be attacked especially after all the terror attacks in the 1970's to the 90's. Sadly we weren't able to prevent that tragedy from occuring, a difficult day.

Islamic State Destroys Palmyra

ISIL has disgraced a world recognized monument respected by all peoples of all nations. A world treasure, and besides beheading and mounting one of the chief archeologist for all to see their brutality. This malicious group must be stopped, they have no care for human like or its existence on this planet from, alpha. Why are countries who could easily overrun them, not to it more aggressively, many people suffer every day that, that regime is in power.


It was a tight game, but in the 4th The Patriots came back for the win. By tbe last few minutes in the 3rd, it would of been natural to think the Seahawks had the gane but they fell apart inthe 4th. Sadly, trending the most is not the game itself but the Katy Perry halftime show. Overall a great game, kept you on your toes no matter who you favoured.


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Sorry, I took a year off, but I am back at it. Thank you for your comment.


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