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Understanding Diplomacy05|01|18

So many reactionary politicians, amoral individuals, they do not comprehend the long game that has been the trade of great men in history who dealt in international diplomacy. Certain countries in western Europe are far more adapt in this trade, our diplomats and underfoot of a men who don't understand, the people appointed to their UN positions under Trump have no idea how to conduct themselves. With European bloc countries forming the economic zone, EURO, they apply the trade swifter, smoother and as for the old guard cooler.


Bluff or War?10|04|16

With North Korea (DPRK) announcing a successful test of an engine to be used for the purpose of a Inter-Continental Ballistic Missle, (ICBM). Boasting a guarantee that such a missle withe this new engine, can reach the continental United States of America.

Although with these new claims and provacation by North Korea, leaves many skeptical. Leading experts still suggest he maybe feigning his true strength to hold on to power. insuring his consolidation as leader of the DPRK. All of this comes on the heels on the in-force agreement of the toughest international sanctions on North Korea, these strong sactions come with the full support of China. Yet we see Kim Jung Un flexing military might, bluff or war?


What Have We Learned And What Are We Forgetting?04|04|16

With the terrorist attacks in France & Belgium, tempers are running high, and people are afraid. As well understood, considering the circumstances, and the concern of more possible attacks. Right-Wing groups through out Europe are calling a halt to refugees and in many cases violent acts against the refugee population have been on the rise in Europe. Unfortunately, many targeted refugees tend to be against ISIS and any forms of terrorism.

We must not loose our humanity in these times of urgent crisis in the world. Understand that we all share basic concerns, a good life for our families, security, and oppurtunity, which would make all of us happy. Don't disregard your fellow man, embrace him and let him know everything will be alright. With a little love and forgiveness some wars can be won.


What We Already Assumed17|03|16

With today we have a declaration that did not surprise most of us. Secretary Of State, John Kerry, said that the U.S. Government has determined that ISIL (ISIS) have been carrying out acts of genocide in Syria & Iraqi controlled territories. Minorities groups are paying the heavest cost.

At the same time, Russia has declared their mission accomplished are in the process of getting all military assets out of the area.


2016 & Maybe, Love of a Lifetime21|01|16

What is the attraction that draws people from across the globe, into one anothers dreams? It is quite the quandary when dwelled upon. In any case it has seemed to happen, from the United States to the Philippines. Support of faith grows daily, discussions on life and what is the true pursuit of happiness; not wealth, not power, but love and joy shared with that one person who touches you, giving one another a profound feelings of warmth of the soul.


Ideologies Cloaked As Religions 27|12|15

Ideologies are driving sectarian violence all over the world. Partly due to the lack of proper education, from a preschool to a high school. Of course we need more college graduates the more all countries benefit in this plan.
The children need to be taught tolerance and compassion of one another, from the youngest students, reinforced threw out all student enrollment. Doing so will help future generations be able to enjoy this planet as we have.
This is a great, and moral issue that we must engage in, for peace, stability, and less violent crimes, more focus on humanity.


American Presidency?28|10|15

What factors play into being an American President? Many of who served as Commander & Chief in the Executive Branch had served in the military in some fashion for most of out history. It was never mandatory but it gathered respect for said candidate. Although some of our greatest leaders of me were not, so for the Presidency, I don't think Military experience in necessary.

What I feel is a clear major factor for a Presidential Nominee is political experience. Whether a Congressman or appointed positions such as Secretary of State for example. Which I don't think any of the Republican hopefuls are qualified to be our next President of the United States Of America.


Direction In The Middle East06|10|15

I have begun to sit back and look at the situation in Syria, I am beginning to think this use of force of all countries need to sit back. Fear is that, sadly, domestic issues in all countries making a back down after a build up is politically sensative. All nations have sought to strike ISIS, this is the path, I cannot argue with this creed. We have many more issues with backing Kurdish fighters as Turkey being a NATO allie but not a friend of our friends,the Kurds. With other coutries fighting, including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, with funds from other Gulf States, we have fight of ideology amongst these countries, therefore their foreign policy in Syria and Iraq against ISIS will not be one in the same. As the United States fund free Syrian fighters, Russia backs the Assad Regime in Syria. This item ripples thru US foreign policy, as they want the removal of the Assad Regime, therefore as the begin to pick targets, they target our allies on the ground, which hurts the precious work for stabilizing the area as we can see here, all nations involved have alternative motives and ambitions. Now with the air forces of all nations involved, increases the chance of direct conflict of powers, instead of proxy manuveurs. I therefore think that this is madness, we need a peaceful resolution. We are seeing the mass exodus of refugees across Europe, this is not sastainable. If force is needed may it be swift and coordinated, or extend a Global Olive Branch.


Subsized Healthcare & Education, American, not Socialism27|04|15

The inception of material wealth has always caused selfishness and greed, and around that corner we have thirst for power. Threw out the ages we have vast instances of this great hording unfolding in every civilization. What they tell us is the United States is a Capitalist government, and the possibility of subsidized Healthcare and College Education is socialism/communism there for bad. When in fact, these programs we should be supporting as Americans we should have the right to alleviate the financial burden that comes with Healthcare and Education. Why wouldn't it make sense, the more educated, healthy Americans there are the better, and the more prosperous our country becomes as a result of such initiatives. As Americans, our system should be setup to benefit Americans with healthcare and education so we prosper. With such a plan immigrants should be allowed better healthcare as well as their children and schooling for their children. Along with raising minimum wage so that people do not have to lived below the poverty line working 40-50hrs a week and still barely caring on. I salute those individuals for doing what they had to do for themselves and their families, not it is time to reward them. Corporate tax is only 1%, we should raise it to 16%. and that is alot less than what many more are calling for. With 16% we could pay for healthcare and we wouldn't be going broke paying for medications at the pharmacies. With the other part of the income we could do so much for the children in the United States, with more equipment, facilities, more incentive for teachers. Also giving teachers a higher wage.


Featured Columns & Computer Repair Under TWT28|03|15

We have featured columns that will be appearing, currently we have corespondents in France, Germany and the Untited States. Currently working on making contact with someone to represent a Latin American country.
Also I am proud to announce our future Computer Repair business. In the beginning we wont be doing hardware simply because of shipping issues. We will be starting off with Virus and Malware removal, we can also provide online support if you have any issues, or just questions you would like answered. I will keep you updated on the progress but as for Virus/Malware Removal, you can go ahead and contact me by email, just click the 'Contact' tab, thank you for your time.



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