First, Apologize for lack of upates, when life has puts obstacles in your way in life, just have to do your best to move past them.

My sympathies go out to for families fleeing conflict zone. I also recognize the European issue, and that is work and drastic population increases. Having said that, I hope the battle of the ideology that spreads hate will be found guilty, for making so many hate one another under some issue, when in truth many would find they agree with one another if they just had the conversation, not the arguement.

Here at Time Will Tell Publishing (TWT) we publish stories that may have been overlooked, or not given the right attention from around the globe, not just the United States. Also we exhibit works from National aswell as International artist. We believe in the honor given by the artist to allow individuals to show their soul for the masses to experience. Art..., music? painting? sculpting? No matter the approach it shall be shown to be felt, and maybe cause a revelation or two...

Our priority content:

    • Geo-Political News
    • Featured Columns
    • Cultural Anthropology
    • Cigars/Wines/Liqours
    • Art
    • Films
    • Social Research

Humanity has many faces, pain, love, sorrow, remorse, hatred, honesty, and war are only some of the scares that we see in global humanity. Any individual has the capacity within themselves to express any of these, right or wrong. It is up to our people as residents of our home we call Earth. To strive to do the right things in life, even if the wrong option tempts you with automatic satisfaction.


If you are an artist and would like to be represented by an independent publisher, please contact Time Will Tell Publishing. Our outlook is, "More power to the artist". We want you to explore your own creativity without someone giving you orders, and what to do. At the same time we give 100% credit to the artist. Any furthur questions, contact me @TWT.

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